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Saturday, 27 November 2010

The Complaints Department is now CLOSED!

A noble person is mindful and thankful for the favors he receives from others. ~ The Buddha

Everybody moans. It's a fact of life. There are times when we just have to get some things off of our chests and air our grievances to another person. But we seem to be living in a world where there are nothing but complaints, where no one thinks of the good, only the bad. They complain because the boss hasn't performed the task they said they would. They moan because of the hours they have to work. They whine because such-and-such in XYZ department isn't doing their job the way the complainer thinks they should. They find fault with the bus company because their bus was late. They moan and fill the world with negative energy, never thinking beyond that little realm.

Perhaps it's time we should take a closer look and be thankful for what does happen. To be thankful for the boss who pulls out the stops so that we can have a safe working environment. To be thankful that, in this climate of unemployment and low pay, we have a job. To be thankful that the person in XYZ department goes above and beyond the call of duty and asks for nothing, not even thanks, in return. To be thankful for the bus driver who stopped when he saw someone collapse and stayed with them until help arrived.

That's all I ask, to take a closer look at your life. To look at the people we work, live, love and exist with and to see the good they're doing in the world today. To go up to them and say "Thank you". It's 2 words, 8 letters, and so easy to say. To stop before we open our mouths and complain and moan and whine. We know that we can never please everyone in this world and we know that we will complain and that we will be at the end of the complaints, but the least we can do is be thankful. Your words, your kindness, your smile, may touch that person's life. We don't know how a person is feeling at any given time and that gesture, no matter how small, may be just what they need to pick them up from a rut. Let's be thankful, let's be happy and let's spread that happiness! In this approaching season of peace and goodwill let's go out there and spread some goodwill!

Be Thankful!
Be Happy!

Friday, 19 November 2010

The "I Can" Attitude

"Why do you always say "no problem" to everything I ask you to do?"

That was what one of my bosses once said to me. "Whenever I ask anyone else to do anything, they roll their eyes as if it's too much of a problem. But you always say "No Problem".

Because it is "No problem", that's why. If it's something that can be easily achieved, then it's "No problem". And if it's something I've never done before then perhaps it's "No problem" to go and learn how to do it.

It's the "I Can" rather than the "I Can't" attitude. It's not about whether it's your job, or your role or what you're supposed to be doing. Going into something with an "I Can" attitude is so much better than going in with a glum "I Can't" attitude. It makes you smile and makes you happy when you can have "I Can" in your mind. The world seems like a better place and anything can be conquered.

Sometimes people tell me it's useless to chase my dreams because "I Can't" do them. But how does someone know you can't do something? How do they know you can't do it until you've tried? It's only through trying and either failing or succeeding that we know whether we can do it or not. And if we fail, we go back for another go. And another. And another. It's just a case of finding what works until that particular problem is solved.

Besides, do you think the world's best scientists, engineers, athletes, musicians, film-makers, actors, explorers, astronauts et al had an "I Can't" attitude? Damn right they didn't! They were filled to the brim with "I Can Do This!" It may take time, it may take several attempts but it can be done!

Let's have less of "I can't" and more of "I can!"

"I can!"
"I can!"
"I can!!!"

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

If you want to be happy, be.  ~Leo Tolstoy

There are now two new ways to connect with Glass Completely Empty. I'd like to introduce myself as the staff as one very demanding office cat...

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Enjoy and take everything he says with a pinch of catnip!

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Go On - SMILE!

 It was only a sunny smile, And little it cost in the giving. But like morning light, it scattered the night, And made the day worth living. ~ Anon

Do you know whose life you've touched today? Do you know if it was in a positive or a negative way? I truly hope that it was in a positive way. A smile, a kind word or a hug, even to a complete stranger, could mean the difference between hope and despair. Touching someone's life does not have to be expensive, it does not even have to cost money. The smile you gave the glum looking cashier at the store could have brightened their day. How do we know that they're not struggling with illness or a death in the family? The helping hand we gave as someone's groceries hurled themselves across the floor could have been just the thing they needed. How do we know that they suffer with a painful brittle bone disease or that this was just another in a long line things that had gone wrong that day? It costs nothing to give a smile and it takes less muscles to smile than to frown. Go on, SMILE! You know you want to and you know it makes the world a better place. Heck, even if you're feeling rubbish today, crack a smile. It'll make you feel better! Trust me on that one!