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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Go On - SMILE!

 It was only a sunny smile, And little it cost in the giving. But like morning light, it scattered the night, And made the day worth living. ~ Anon

Do you know whose life you've touched today? Do you know if it was in a positive or a negative way? I truly hope that it was in a positive way. A smile, a kind word or a hug, even to a complete stranger, could mean the difference between hope and despair. Touching someone's life does not have to be expensive, it does not even have to cost money. The smile you gave the glum looking cashier at the store could have brightened their day. How do we know that they're not struggling with illness or a death in the family? The helping hand we gave as someone's groceries hurled themselves across the floor could have been just the thing they needed. How do we know that they suffer with a painful brittle bone disease or that this was just another in a long line things that had gone wrong that day? It costs nothing to give a smile and it takes less muscles to smile than to frown. Go on, SMILE! You know you want to and you know it makes the world a better place. Heck, even if you're feeling rubbish today, crack a smile. It'll make you feel better! Trust me on that one!

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